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DEC. 2 - 5, 2019

This is the archived site of a previous miCROPE symposium! You can access the current/upcoming symposium here

SchoenbrunnOrangerie + Apothekertrakt - Schönbrunn Castle | Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47 | 1130 Vienna, Austria


From the airport take the ÖBB train S7 direction "Wien Floridsdorf" or train S2 direction "Laa/Thaya Bahnhof" until "Wien-Mitte Landstraße".
From "Wien-Mitte Landstrasse" take the metro line U4 (green line) direction "Hütteldorf" until the stop "Schönbrunn" (Metro Exit "Grünbergstraße"), then a 3-minutes walk to the venue.
You can buy tickets for the train directly at vending machines on the platform. Choose "Schönbrunn" as destination. You will pay around 5 to 6 EUR (2,40 for the train, about 3 for the metro).
The "City Airport Train" (CAT) which also goes to "Wien-Mitte Landstraße" is a couple of minutes faster but costs just for the train (no metro) around 11 EUR.
There is no train service in the night hours between 00:00 and 5:00, if you arrive late you can take the bus "Vienna Airport Lines" and get out at "Schwedenplatz". From there you can also change to the metro line U4 until "Schönbrunn"



Venue Schoenbrunn - Access to Orangerie


SCAM WARNING: A participant was contacted by a company called "Business Travel Management" on telephone about booking a hotel room for the conference and asked for credit card information. We are not associated in any way with this company. This scam seems to occur at other conferences too, for example ICIAM2019.

In cooperation with the "Event management department of the University of Vienna" we offer a selection of discounted hotels which can be booked in the registration system under the "Accomodation" after logging in. This is an optional service and you are free to book your accomodation using your own methods. These rooms will be allocated to participants free of any handling fee until October 16th, 2019 (deadline extended!).

Payment for accommodation is to be made onsite at the hotel receptions. Credit card details will be transferred to the hotels to guarantee your reservations.

Cancellation policies are up to each hotel - usually cancellation free of charge is possible 14 days prior to arrival! Cancellations have to be communicated via e-mail: congress@univie.ac.at.

Please notice that the ÖGMBT is not directly involved in this booking system and any questions regarding the bookings and hotels should be directed to the event management office at congress@univie.ac.at or directly to the hotel you have booked here respectively.